5 Things You Didn’t Know About Datin Dian Lee

Datin Dian Lee is making her mark in politics.

Datin Dian Lee

Datin Dian Lee is a daughter,  sister,  wife, and mother of three children. Her father Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew is a property tycoon.

People often stereotyped the offspring from rich families as having an easy privilege life. They are often coddled and cannot bear hardship. However, Datin Dian Lee is the opposite. She keeps both her private and professional life separate.

Datin Dian Lee seems to be exploring new things all the time (she describes herself as curious and inquisitive) and is not afraid of a challenge. From running the family business to starting her own career, she is constantly embarking on a new journey in life.

Relentless in her pursuit of courage and determination, her drive makes her such a remarkable character. 

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Member of the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance’s (Muda)

In December 2021, Datin Dian Lee joined the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) as a member of the Central Executive Committee. Amid the controversy that has arisen, she hopes to be valued and trusted for her passion and strength. Her involvement factored to contribute to the development of the state while also addressing issues regarding stateless children and malnutrition, where the party’s principles are in line with her own.

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Business with her Other Half

Back when she was just 22, she founded The Clearwater Group – an award-winning boutique real-estate residential development company with her husband, Datuk Jared Lim. Making her one of the youngest property developers in Malaysia. At Clearwater, a wide variety of spaces have been created for bespoke boutique living residences, cultured lifestyles, and learning experiences.

Datin Dian Lee and Dato Jared Lim

Photo: Instagram

Running Restaurants 

Datin Dian Lee later branched out into the food industry, she managed a slew of modern Chinese cuisine restaurants – PLOYWay Modern Chinois, and Babe by Jeff Ramsey. It’s worth mentioning that, Babe Restaurant is the first restaurant in Malaysia helmed by a Michelin-starred chef. Datin Dian and Datuk Jared love exploring good food while emphasising the unique experience that cuisines bring to diners.

Founder of The Alchemy of A Healthy Ever After & Health Ever After

Spurred by passion in the journey of self-discovery,  Datin Dian Lee founded an online platform that communicates yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Named “The Alchemy of A Healthy Ever After” will be the starting point of self-love in creating a positive relationship with yourself. From this baseline is where she believes in fostering a beautiful manifestation within.

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In addition, a wellness kitchen founded by Lee – Healthy Ever After that brews kombucha and yoghurt to ensure the most natural probiotics and goodies possible. Using only natural-whole food fruits and herbs for flavouring, her famous tea beverage is known as the “Elixir of Youth”.

Dian Lee practising sound bath.

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Daughter of Property Tycoon, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

Datin Dian Lee wanted so badly to be seen as independent, not overshadowed, and valued only because of who her father is. As years went by, she found her values and beliefs within herself. Although she attributes it all to her good fortune, her outlook on life shows that she did not get there by chance. Her open-mindedness, independence, and willingness to experiment have all played a crucial role in her life path. And today, she is truly grateful to have her papa as the light of her life, who made her who she is.

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Source: Instagram