How To Choose A Watch For Your Partner


Buying a watch for a partner is a veritable rite of passage. If you’re in the early(ish) stages of your relationship, it’s a brilliant and inspired sign of devotion – and of your excellent taste. If the two of you have been together forever, it shows you’re still capable of surprising your beloved, and in the most thoughtful way possible.

A timepiece that can be used day after day is practical and luxurious: in other words ultimate brownie-point fodder when it comes to gifting. But choosing such a personal piece, that is arguably integral to one’s personal style, on behalf of someone else can be daunting. So here’s our guide to choosing the right style for your paramour, with gift suggestions from luxury watch specialist Ernest Jones.


A great timepiece is an investment, so be prepared to splurge. The watch you choose should do one thing above all: make your beloved’s heart skip a beat. Breitling Superocean II Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch ticks all the big-gun boxes. Think fine craftsmanship, diamond-set bezels and Swiss horology expertise.

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“Add a few special touches to make your gift as emotionally valuable as possible,” advises jewellery blogger Flora Edward. To show your commitment, she suggests getting the watch engraved with initials or key dates that mean a lot to both of you.


“A beautiful watch is one of the most personal gifts you can buy for a loved one,” states stylist Eleonore Crompton. “Not only will this accessory become a treasured and constant companion, it will remind the wearer of whoever bought it with every glance.” So take some time to look at your partner’s style anew. Are they trend-orientated? Do they usually wear silver or gold jewellery to complement their skintone? Would they prefer something quirky to a traditional design? It’s worth taking the time to really investigate the options before you make the big purchase.


A key point on your watch-buying checklist should be proportion.

“Are you buying a watch for someone fine-featured and slight of wrist? If so, you won’t want to overpower them with something large and chunky,” explains Crompton. Of course, the reverse is also true. “A well-built man, for example, will need a more substantial watch that works for his frame and makes an impact.”


On the front row, fashion editors usually sport chunky statement watches. The reason? It’s not just about status. A chunkier design will make the wearer’s wrists appear thinner – hence the age-old styling trick of a woman wearing a man’s watch to emphasise her slightness. Try Gucci G Timeless B Stainless Steel Watch for a modern classic that’s designed for a woman’s wrist but with the chunkiness of a traditional men’s watch.

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Remember, metal isn’t for everyone. Some people find a metal watch less comfortable than leather, so subtly enquire as to which your partner prefers. When it comes to leather, would they always go for classic black, or prefer a deep brown or tan? Again, the key is to look at their wardrobe but if you’re in need of an expert opinion, make an appointment with an expert at a watch specialist like Ernest Jones.


“When gifting a new timepiece, always consider if they already have a watch with a leather or a metal strap. Is the new watch a replacement or an addition to their timepiece wardrobe? Will your gift be for everyday use, or more of a ‘party’ watch for special occasions?” asks Edward.

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Unlike an exquisite necklace or hot-off-the-runway piece of ready-to-wear, chances are that a timepiece is likely to be worn every day. This means that as well as being truly stylish, it also needs to fit into your partner’s lifestyle.

TAG HEUER – Carrera Heuer 01 43mm/Youtube

“In practical terms, would something hard-wearing or waterproof be best? Maybe a watch that is easy to read would be the wisest investment?” says Crompton.

This Cartier timepiece is ideal for a style maven wanting a classic leather watch that boasts cutting-edge technology. The stylish oversized Roman numerals are a practical choice too if eyesight is an issue. Alternatively, TAG Heuer Carrera Men’s Titanium Bracelet Watch is water-resistant to 300 metres, with date function and an automatic mechanism that means the seconds hand travels in a smooth sweep. An iconic design that’s perfect for a 24/7 watch wearer.