Inside The Home Of… A Berlin-Based Interior Designer

As the worlds of fashion and interior design become more intertwined than ever, we launch a new series taking you inside the stylish homes of women working in creative industries, be it photography, art, fashion or film. To kick off the franchise, interior designer Amy Brandhorst, who specialises in both domestic and commercial projects, gives us a tour of her light-filled, airy Berlin apartment.

Pictures courtesy of Anne.Catherine Scoffoni.

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Living room


“Although this corner of the living room is filled with colour, it’s still really calming, which I love. When objects (eg large vases) are positioned on the floor, they give off a bohemian stillness. I also like that the blue artwork on the wall references a seascape – when I’m designing, I try to choose art that acts as a window to another, more calming world.”


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