Inside The Home Of… A Berlin-Based Interior Designer

As the worlds of fashion and interior design become more intertwined than ever, we launch a new series taking you inside the stylish homes of women working in creative industries, be it photography, art, fashion or film. To kick off the franchise, interior designer Amy Brandhorst, who specialises in both domestic and commercial projects, gives us a tour of her light-filled, airy Berlin apartment.

Pictures courtesy of Anne.Catherine Scoffoni.

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The bedroom


“I’ve always been obsessed with unusually shaped interior objects, which stems from my mum’s collection of second-hand ornaments, such as crockery. Aside from vases, I collect spherical shaped objects – essentially decorative balls. It might sound odd, but they’re scientifically proven to create a sense of balance and calm in a space. I love the spherical shape so much – it’s so beautiful and soft. The larger ball in this image is constructed from green glass covered in white beads and the smaller one is a mirror ball.”

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