The Best Shaving Creams of 2023

best shaving creams

Finding the best shaving creams for you can be tough. And your choice of shaving cream can definitely alter your shaving experience. A chore that most don’t really enjoy or like to do, reduce that ill feeling by investing in better shaving creams. Guaranteeing cleaner, and closer shaves, we highlight our top picks of the year. Get rid of hair, whilst keeping the jaw area hydrated and irritation-free with the best shaving creams on offer.



best shaving creams Kiehl's

For those with more sensitive skin, we can’t recommend this cream from Kiehl’s enough. Their Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream Blue Eagle has quickly become a staple in the bathroom. Formulated with aloe vera and sesame oil, this full-textured, brushless shave cream will have you slick and smooth. Applying effortlessly for a close shave, its ingredients work double time to soothe and keep skin hydrated too.

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best shaving creams malin+Goetz

Already known for their gentle, skin-friendly formulas, Malin+Goetz’s shaving cream doesn’t disappoint. Infused with nourishing vitamin E and amino acids, it primes and preps the skin for a smoother shave. Lightweight and non-foaming, this formula protects skin from abrasion and washes clean from razor too.


Jack Black

Jack Black

Their impressive reputation of providing impeccable grooming solutions hasn’t gone unnoticed. Jack Black’s Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather is another star in their repertoire. Apart from the usual close shave, this luxurious shaving cream truly protects the skin too. Its unique three layer hydrating system creates a  protective cushion between the skin and blade, helping reduce razor burn, irritation, and accidental nicks.


Clinique For Men

Clinique For Men Shaving Cream

Infused with aloe, this shaving cream is the ultimate skin soother. This oil-free formula lathers to a rich shaving gel that ensures a clean, close shave whilst softening and cushioning the face. We suggest following it up with their Post Shave Healer to keep any skin concerns at bay.

Hanz De Fuko

Hanz De Fuko shaving cream

Hanz De Fuko’s Invisible Shave Cream comes in a massive bottle that will last you quite a while. Its unique formula was designed to soften the hair for maximum glide and to prevent razor bumps and the occurrence of ingrown hairs. With Sephora currently holding their limited-time Beauty Pass Sale, now may be the best time purchase. Trying new products is always a leap of faith so why not enjoy a discounted price when doing so.


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