9 Ways To Party-Proof Your Skin, By An A-list Make-up Artist

Imaxtree, Gregory Scaffidi

Fresh from making up Victoria Beckham that morning, Valeria Ferreira met with Bazaar to share some of the secrets she usually reserves for her A-list clientele (her other London-based regulars include Jenna Coleman, Lily James and Rosamund Pike). As the La Mer UK make-up artist ambassador, Ferreira’s approach is very much skin first, make-up-with-skincare-benefits second. With the impending threat of silly season hitting our faces with the booze bloat, breakouts and tired eyes, we asked her how to party-proof our skin and mask those inevitable signs of having toogood a time. Try this strategy throughout December to cheat a fresh face.


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Try and maintain an exercise regime

“There isn’t really a substitute for beauty sleep, as it’s difficult to mimic what sleep does to the skin – it’s the same as what it does to the body and mind! But when you’re not sleeping enough, being really strict with your diet helps, as well as trying not to drink too much. Also exercising; the action of breaking into a sweat really helps my skin. You think ‘how can I possibly work out when I haven’t slept enough?’ but it’s the best tip, especially for jet lag.”

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