A Definitive Guide To Monotone Make-Up, Demonstrated By Cher Webb


Matchy-matchy is back in a big way. The runways and red carpets have demonstrated that monotone make-up, whereby committing to a single shade worn in multiple ways, is the modern way to dress a face. Wearing the same shade on your lips, eyes and cheeks – and even matched to your outfit or accessories – looks fresh, considered, and (of course) Insta-friendly.

Here, we asked celebrity make-up artist and influencer Cher Webb to demonstrate the tricks of the trade on herself. Whether you fancy trying the tonal trend with bold hues like reds and berries, or softer pinks and easy-to-wear neutrals, Webb makes it simple with tutorials showcasing her favourite products (many multi-use) in minute-long makeovers.

Watch and learn, plus get Webb's top tips on each look below.

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Wearable red

Red may feel risky, but if you commit and match it to accessories it will look purposeful and on point. “Pair with glossy skin to prevent it looking too theatrical,” explains Webb. “A pink or red eye with matte skin can look a bit Victorian-era!”

As with the pink look, when wearing red on the eyes use glossy textures, “or if you rather powders, use something with a bit of metallic to it.” Do add mascara to this look, as a bit of depth is needed to balance out a bold lip.

Wear with:

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