A How To Guide to the Double Dutch Braid


Photography: The Coveteur

Mellany Sanchez & John Barrett break down Instagrma’s new go-to hairdo by Meagan Wilson

1. Begin by prepping the hair with a quarter size amount of Shu Uemura’s  Essence Absolue Oil (more can be added for coarser hair). Rake the oil through to give the hair a little more slip to braid.

2. Split the hair down the middle using a comb to create 2 equal sections.

3. Clip away one side of hair to help keep sections neat.

4. On the other side grab a small section of hair to begin your braid. Divide the section into 3 equal sub sections and begin a inverted French braid – also known as a Dutch braid – by crossing the two outside strands under the middle strand. After you make your first couple of stitches then begin add hair to the outside stands and continue to braid under.

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5. Use some of John Barrett’s Be Hold styling balm as you braid to tame any fly always or loose strands. Then continue braid all the down until you reach the nape of the neck and tie off braid with elastic.

6. Hide the elastic by wrapping the hair around and tuck into the elastic. Use a bobby pin if necessary. Then leave the remainder of hair loose.

7. Repeat on other side. You can stop here, or move on to the “second day” look.

For the Second Day look, The Coveteur tells all