Adwoa Aboah is Jo Malone’s Latest Ambassador


Adowa Aboah is one of the latest faces to join the Jo Malone family, but her partnership goes deeper than just your typical collaboration. Not just connected through birthplace, both Adwoa and Jo Malone have been serial champions of building awareness around mental health for many years now.


Founder of Gurls Talk, ‘a community-led organisation dedicated to the mental health and well-being of women and young girls globally’, Adwoa has been a crucial advocate for mental health following her own struggles with it too. And with Jo Malone’s ethos and the long-standing work behind the scenes on mental health, Adwoa believed this was the brand ‘she could seriously align with’.


In an exclusive interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia, Adwoa Aboah opens up about her ambassadorship with Jo Malone London, what fragrances uplift her the most and her personal tools when it comes to addressing her mental health.

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AA: I obviously love English Pear & Freesia, and paired with Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense is such a great combination as it adds a real depth to the fragrance. In my home I love Glowing Embers, but to lighten my space I’ll always have English Pear & Freesia in some form too.


What fragrances and scents do you turn to to uplift yourself and reset?

AA: Lavender for sleep, I also use it to clean in my house so that for me a soothing smell because it reminds me of a clean home. And the smell of a home cooked meal!


Do you believe that scents and fragrances can affect one’s mood and confidence?

AA: I find the right scent can be a total mental reset. I catch myself often being brought back into the moment when catching a delicate scent. It’s a part of my mindfulness routine.

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Can you share more with us on how Gurls Talk came about?

AA: Gurls Talk was born from my desire for community, openness and honesty about mental health. I wanted to create a space where people could share through lived experience, who could hear someone talk and share the same story as them so that they felt less alone.


What were some tools you used to overcome your previous bouts with mental health and how do you think those tools could be used amongst other women who might be going through these tribulations?

AA: There are a thousands right answers to this. For me, the bravest thing I ever did was ask for help. I would give that as my strongest tool because it gets easier after you’ve done it. Now, I don’t struggle anywhere near as much to speak with someone close to me and say ‘Hey, I don’t think I’m doing too good today.’ It also opens the door for people to confide in you, helping others is a fantastic way to not focus on yourself too much.

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Do you think there’s still a stigma about talking about mental health, and how do you think we can overcome this as a society?

AA: I think its extremely important that the words mental health aren’t just turned into buzzwords. There needs to be real, solid and consistent help for those who struggle. We need to put in the