Amira Geneid, Founder of Zahara and Leader to the Zahara Warriors

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Image Courtesy of Zahara

Amira Geneid has established a name for herself not only for being society’s most adored sweetheart but as a trailblazing entrepreneur of style and substance. Zahara came to full fruition upon Amira realising a gap within the cosmetics industry where a “niche” market could have been uncovered. Determined to find a solution for appeasing yet high quality cosmetics tailored for the modern Muslim women, she found the winning formula on how to combine the two worlds of faith and the concept of beauty into one. 

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Zahara’s main product is their Oxygen Nail Polish which comes in a delectable array of colours from ‘Lovender’ to ‘Blush Crush’

Pioneering her business under the personas of Zahara Warriors, Amira has successfully garnered a strong network and community of women.  The kinship of female empowerment is embedded in the brand’s DNA and values. Zahara has collaborated with United Nations Women’s ‘Help Anna’ initiative, a charity dedicated to providing support for victims of abuse where a generous 100% of profits made from the sales of the nail polish shade Arctic Queen.

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Arctic Queen, “because we all deserve to be treated like Queens”

In preparation for the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations, Zahara launched a video campaign titled #RayaReadyLooks, where the brand partnered with five ladies who embodied the Zahara Warrior spirit.

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All Day Matte High Performance Halal Lipstick, each embodying a character of its own from ‘Boss’ to ‘Girl Next Door’ to ‘Warrior’ – the Zahara cosmetics range mirrors sentiments of versatility in a woman.

BAZAAR gets a one-on-one exclusive with Amira Geneid and her sacred beauty commandments, the brainchild behind the business that has taken the Muslimah Women demographic by storm, with the rest of Asia (and soon, beyond) waiting in anticipation of what’s next to come says it like it is – what to do and not to do.

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Amira Geneid’s 10 Beauty Commandments

1| You never know when you’ll need to Slay, keep a spare eyeliner in your bag, car and wherever else it might come in handy

2 | Your nails need to breathe, I use Zahara breathable nail polish to keep my nails healthy and strong. Nobody likes yellowy nails, gel is a definite no-no.

3 | I drink lemon water everyday, hydrations is the best secret to healthy skin.

4 | If the choice is between staying up binge watching Devious Maids and sleeping, always choose sleep.

5 | I keep a tube of Lucas’ pawpaw ointment by my bed to apply before sleeping every night for smooth lips.

6 | Yesterday’s winged eyeliner and can be today’s smokey eye if you believe in yourself. JK!

7 | A full face of makeup is fine for occassions but for every day life keeping it light is a good break for your skin.

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8 | Once every fortnight I apply pure argan oil to my hair ends and leave it in all night to keep it healthy

9 | Tanning is all well and good but protect the face! I always cover my face and slather SPF50 face cream just in case.

10 | I love a good session of hot yoga, nothing better than detoxing with a good sweat session!

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