3 Local Lifestyle Creativepreneurs to Know

#1. Moniko

The Moniko label is synonymous with their design philosophy of ‘recrafted kimono’. These original accessories are instantly recognisable as inventive and statement, almost alike to wearable art. Made in contemporary designs of clutches, wristlets and the like, Moniko items retain the Japanese aesthetic reinterpreted in modern forms of vibrant kimono fabric and the most exuberant prints sourced from Osaka, Japan.


Image: MyMoniko

The Kuukuo Clutch was designed to hold passports and other essentials for when travelling. This fabric is for a komon kimono: a versatile kimono, usually made of lightweight silk

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Images: MyMoniko

#2. Forever + Ava

With a unique proposition of keeping all items handmade and of organic materials, Forever + Ava is a family run business of mixed origins. With a household of six females consisting of three generations, Forever + Ava delivers their homely business with a touch of homemade love.


Photography: Olivia Oon

Fun party fabric crowns made of 100% cotton calico, dyed to a pleasant colour palette of pink lemonade and tangerine in the Hello Sunshine collection, while the Indigo-Go line features a rather edgy wash of mixed-dyed hues of blue.

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Images: Forever+Ava

The Tutu Collection carries four ranges, each with its own design inspiration from the vibrant ‘A Tassel A Day’ and ‘Add a Little Sparkle’ to the classic ‘Lulu Collection’ and ‘Starry, Starry Night’

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Images: Forever+Ava

#3. Hello Dear

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A whimsical community based event space that originally started as a party destination that has since ventured into producing their own lineage of crafty goods from clothes, furniture, accessories, music and art. Hello Deer has now branched their platform to host a bevy of other local brands from personalized printables boxed perfectly in party sets to gift boxes.


Image: Hello Deer

Home wares of a quirky and customised nature are always a rare find. These out of the ordinary decorative light boxes with unique caricatures and statements that add a personal touch to any room or home. Functional and funky, BAZAAR approved.

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Images: Hello Deer

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