BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2018: Best Natural Toner

The Herb Farm Protecting Skin Defend Mist, RM132

Why Bazaar Loves It

For long-term skin health, maximise the benefits of this mist by applying liberally after make-up application and throughout the day as a quick pick-me-up. “I love the all-natural ingredients,” says Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2018 judge, Aneesha Veriah. “This mist also makes my skin brighter and more radiant.”

A Mist Hit

Formulated with Borēaline Protect, which comes from the black spruce tree’s bark, this protective skin mist is great to have on hand at all times. As it forms a defense barrier over the skin, The Herm Farm’s Protecting Skin Defend Mist then gently delivers the perfect dose of nutrients, all while stimulating collagen to curb signs of ageing—much-needed if you live in the city or frequently experience stress and fatigue.  

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Why Don’t You

Introduce the good touch of nature to harsh office conditions? The Herb Farm’s all-natural Protecting Skin Defend Mist protects skin from external stressors such as UV rays, pollution, harsh weather, and even blue light. Just spritz onto the skin, and this mist will leave you feeling refreshed, brighter, and more radiant almost immediately.

Available at TNS Skin Lab stores nationwide.