BAZAAR Fragrance Awards 2019: Summer Scents To Inspire Adventure

Art direction by Teng Siew Lee. Photographed by Tan Guo Xiang.

It’s that time of the year again where BAZAAR breaks down the most sublime scents of the season. Looking for fragrances to conjure up an image of azure blue skies and summer on the skin? Here are the best summer perfumes to inspire adventure.

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Best Summer Scent

Louis Vuitton Les Colognes Sun Song EDP, RM1,050 (100ml)

Inspired by California and its endless summer vistas, Sun Song is a scent that evokes memories of a perfect summer day. “One-third of Louis Vuitton’s unisex Les Colognes, Sun Song’s bright combination of notes featuring orange blossom, citron, and musk, is definitely one to sing about.” – Natasha Kraal

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