BAZAAR Hair Awards 2017: Most Nourishing Shampoo For Scalp Care

Shikai Tea Tree Shampoo, RM60


With more than 45 years of innovative research, this American brand is built on the premise that simplicity is key. The main ingredient in Shikai’s hair care products is an ancient remedial extract derived from the fruit of the acacia tree in India, known as shikakai, which literally means “fruit of the hair”. This cleansing agent is still widely used by Indians, and is combined here in the Tea Tree Shampoo with antibacterial tea tree extract for scalp protection.

Why BAZAAR Loves It

Given its high content of natural botanical ingredients, the Tea Tree Shampoo is gentle yet stimulating on the hair. The antiseptic quality of tea tree oil thoroughly cleanses the scalp, while menthol and peppermint oils reinvigorate the senses.

Bonus Points

Unlike most scalp cleansers that can be used once or twice weekly, this scalp care shampoo is mild and designed for everyday use. A little goes a long way for this soap- and detergent-free shampoo, which also contains a low pH value, preventing tangles and snags from getting in the way of having a smooth mane.

Available at TNS Skin Lab stores nationwide.