BAZAAR Spa Awards 2016: Best Slimming Programme

Advertising Feature in association with Bizzy Body


VLCC Slimmer’s 3D BottomSlim
Bizzy Body

Cellulite and orange peel are stubborn affairs that can be very frustrating because so many factors come into play – dehydration, body fat, hormonal changes, lack of exercise, slow metabolism, and bad diet play a role in the appearance of cellulite. There’s only so much exercise can do; it’s time to zap it away once and for all.

VLCC Slimmer’s 3D BottomSlim is designed to fight cellulite and fat deposits with the help of award-winning LipoShrink technology and Cellu-Rid System. One visit is all it takes to visibly reduce cellulite up to 2.5 inches, as well as prevent future cellulite from forming.

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Bizzy Body prides itself for its detailed, comprehensive, and non-invasive body sculpting programmes. All of them come with an Assurance certificate that promises reduction of inches. Should that not be achieved, compensation in the form of complimentary treatments will be made. Satisfaction, definitely guaranteed.

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