BAZAAR Women Of The Year 2022 With YSL Beauty

women of the year

Go behind the scenes with the BAZAAR Women of the Year 2022 with YSL Beauty.

Catching up with our BAZAAR Women of The Year, we asked the amazing women of film including Amelia Henderson, Elise Shick, Jamsine Suraya, Nadiah Hamzah, Scha Alyahya, Sofia Jane, Susan Lankester and Vanidah Imran about their on-set beauty secrets, who their favourite co-stars we’re and what it means to be part of #BAZAARWomenOfTheYear. We also asked them a single question: How does YSL Beauty makes you feel? And here are the ladies' responses!

How Does YSL Beauty Make You Feel?

Amelia Henderson: Confident, and I feel more prepared to go about my day!

Elise Shick: Confident!

Jasmine Suraya: Sophisticated

Nadiah Hamzah: Very feminine and empowered

Scha Alyahya: Edgy and effortless

Sofia Jane: Included

Susan Lankester: Beautiful

Vanidah Imran: Beautiful, sexy and confident!

YSL Beauty has always been the brand to champion women to be themselves. Celebrating individuality and the freedom to be yourself, its not a surprise these words have become synonymous to the House. Here are more insights to what went down behind the scenes with YSL Beauty. From our BAZAAR Women Of The Year spilling who their favourite co-stars were to what are their favourite beauty tricks are.

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