Beauty Awards 2022: Best Booster Serum

Best Booter Serum: Y.O.U Beauty Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum

A serum is the powerhouse of any skincare routine. Usually packed with the most effective and highest concentration of certain ingredients, it’s a step that’s essential for treating specific skin goals and conditions. With countless options on the market, all promising dreams of vibrant, luminous skin, we turn to the drugstore for our latest booster serum find.


Y.O.U Beauty’s Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum is all about equipping your skin’s moisture barrier with everything it needs to protect the complexion against any and all environmental aggressors. Whether you’re dealing with sensitivity, redness, premature signs of ageing, itchiness or irritation, this serum will fortify, nourish and protect the skin whilst ridding the complexion of any of these concerns. 

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Working to neutralise the microbiome and boost the skin barrier, its protection is three-fold: to strengthen, reactivate and balance. Formulated with their signature biotechnological skin-activating technology, expect improvements to your complexion in just four weeks. 



Its innovative formula includes advanced ingredients like SK-INFLUX® and Repair Complex CLR PF. They work together to enhance skin moisturisation, restore the protective function of skin, shields against UV-induced damage and increase cellular repair to counteract premature skin ageing. Tulsi or also known as holy basil, adds an additional boost of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that round up the 360-degree protection of this serum. 


One of the simplest solutions to reawaken and revitalise unhappy skin, this serum is an all around rescuer. Dull, dry or irritated skin are problems of the past that continue to diminish with continuous application of the formula.

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