Beauty Awards 2022: Best Dental Gadget


Best Dental Gadget – Zenyum ZenyumSonic

Oral health care doesn’t get more indulgent and extravagant than with Zenyum’s sonic powered electric toothbrush that delivers a comfortable and sensorial brushing experience, complete with a sleek monochromatic design.


It wasn’t so long ago that the good ol’ manual toothbrushes kept your smile bright. Now as electric toothbrushes are emerging from the market and flaunting superior results in maintaining oral health – there’s no better time to change up your dental routine. Designed to leave you with healthier, cleaner and whiter teeth, the ZenyumSonic, makes brushing an exciting daily ritual. 


By vibrating thousands of times a minute, this electric toothbrush can remove 21 percent more plaque buildup with a speed that’s faster than your typical electric toothbrush. The ZenyumSonic comes with 3 different modes fit for all your different needs – Clean, Gentle and White – helping you clean your teeth more effectively, diminish tartar and plaque build-up, as well as polish off any stubborn stains.

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The brush head also has perfectly angled soft bristles that smartly produce micro pressure bubbles as well as mimics pressure waves to ensure they reach deep every nook and cranny. Another highlight of the dental gadget is its two minute built in timer that makes sure that you’re brushing for as long as recommended by dentists – no silent counting needed. 


This sonic electric toothbrush mimics dentist-quality cleaning mechanisms allowing for more effective brushing and cleaner teeth – making it the most efficient way to brush in your humble abode.


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