Beauty Awards 2022: Best Daytime Anti-Ageing Solution


Best Daytime Anti-Ageing Solution – Sisley Paris All Day All Year

Whether you’re a skin-care minimalist or maximalist, your regimen is likely to change by nature of time and gravity. The markers of ageing such as deep wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture and sun spots will start to slowly creep in. So, you’d have to completely change your routine to tailor it to your needs.


Formulated with shea butter, sesame, rice, hazelnut oil and white willow, Sisley’s All Day All Year anti-aging powerhouse acts as a dual-purpose protective shield that protects your skin from external aggressors, UVA and UVB rays and pollutants.



Introducing their seven mechanisms of protection, the All Day All Year smartly fortifies the skin by creating a physical and biological shield on the skin. The first three mechanisms work to inhibit and are introduced in the physical shield the All Day All Year creates. It works to enhance UVA/UVB protection, boost anti-adherence, and neutralises heavy metals. Then at the biological shield, this is where the All Day All Year limits and stimulates. Expect anti-penetration, anti-dispersion, enhanced sun protection and boosted anti-ageing protection.

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While moisturising and protecting all day, this anti-ageing solution offers a comfortable and melt-in texture that leaves a silky, non-shiny finish that also makes makeup look fantastic after application. The All Day All Year is truly universal and suited for all skin types and skin tones. Its delicate scent of a botanical bouquet of sage, marjoram and juniper berries add a luxurious olfactive experience that we can’t get enough of.


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