5 Minutes with Debbie Wild, Lifestyle Director of Jo Malone


Debbie Wild, Lifestyle Director of Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London is a brand that resonates with understated elegance and fragrances that are unexpected unions of notes – always captivating, always curious. Their latest addition to the Cologne Intense collection, named Orris & Sandalwood, is testament to this reputation. Debbie Wild, the Lifestyle Director of Jo Malone London, tells us more about the brand. We discover the source of its British essence, the art of Fragrance Combining ™, and the stories behind a scent’s creation.

What makes Jo Malone London fragrances British?

For me there are two special aspects that make our scents so quintessentially British. First, each one has its own unique story. All of our scents are rooted in a very British moment. Secondly, our olfactive signature is elegant and paired back with an unexpected twist. This completely captures a British sense of style: refined, yet quirky.

As every fragrance is a story, what is your most memorable scent journey?

I always become completely immersed in a scent’s story and what makes it so unique. I have to say that one of my favourites was Peony & Blush Suede. I loved all the Cecil Beaton imagery of beautiful ballrooms which inspired us as we created the scent.

What kinds of notes appeal to you?

I have always preferred more masculine and spicy scents. For me, the most special scent from Jo Malone London is clean and fresh Amber & Lavender as it reminds me of home. Topped with the warm notes of Nutmeg & Ginger, it’s my perfect combination to wear every day.

Can you take us through the process of fragrance combining, very briefly?

Fragrance Combining™ was originally born from the idea that fragrance can be tailored to embrace a mood or occasion, or simply to express your individuality. Each Jo Malone London fragrance has been designed to be worn alone or combined with other fragrances, layering scents and textures to create a fragrance that is bespoke and personal to you.

What is currently your favourite Jo Malone London fragrance combination?

At the moment I can’t stop wearing the scent Mimosa & Cardamom layered over Nutmeg & Ginger. The warmth of the ginger intensifies the floriental heart in Mimosa & Cardamom while complementing the cooling spice of cardamom.

Where do you get inspired in England?

I have always lived in London and constantly travelling makes me nostalgic for home. I actually love the bustling crowds and business. There’s always something new just around the corner in London – I think it’s the most exciting and innovative city. I also find inspiration in nature and plants and love to drive out of the city on weekends and explore, whether it’s a seaside picnic lunch with my family or a long woodland walk.

What is your definition of a lifestyle that fits the Jo Malone London philosophy? Do you live it personally as well?

For me it’s not so much about a lifestyle but about enjoying every moment, even the smallest ones. It’s about celebrating the now. That moment when you light a candle and run a bath and the scent of your Bath Oil carries through the house. Or, when you spritz your new Cologne and it makes you feel instantly uplifted. Jo Malone London adds a bit of luxury to every day for me.

How are your ingredients sourced?

We source the highest grade of raw materials from all over the world. Many of our ingredients are extracted, distilled, matured and blended using traditional processes that have been used for hundreds of years. We also use Headspace technology. This is a method of “capturing” the scents of flowers and plants, which do not lend themselves to extraction, to complete the perfumer’s olfactory repertoire.

What are the thoughts and process that go into the making of a scent?

The initial idea for a scent could stem from an image or simply a moment in time that can trigger a memory. Capturing this in our Colognes involves in-depth research and becoming completely absorbed in the character, history and mood of the concept.