Indulge in Luxury with Celine Haute Parfumerie’s Scented Soaps

Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience with Celine’s exquisite range of soaps. Celine Haute Parfumerie, a fragrance collection created by Hedi Slimane in 2019, has recently introduced a new line called “Bath and Body.”

The collection includes its newest scented soaps, which come in four of the house’s iconic fragrances: Parade, La Peau Nue, Eau de Californie, and Reptile.

celine haute parfumerie soaps

What to know about CELINE Haute Parfumerie’s newest scented soaps:

Celine Haute Parfumerie is reviving the age-old tradition of perfumery through its scented soaps. Before eaux de parfum and eaux de toilette, people used fragrant soaps to perfume themselves, their clothes, and their homes. Celine Haute Parfumerie is now reintroducing this lost art to the world.

These fragrant soaps are highly scented and can even be used without water. However, when placed in a drawer or cupboard, they gently scent linens. When it’s set in a small space, they can immediately fill the air with its delightful aroma. By offering the opportunity for customers to revisit the brand’s signature fragrances, this practice evokes a feeling of understated elegance. Hedi Slimane envisioned a combination of comfort, sentiment, and cherished memories through this experience.

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Yet, when it comes to design, trust Slimane to curate a line that radiates luxury and elegance. Each soap in this collection takes inspiration from the faceted cap of the perfumes. Slimane carefully adorns the soap with the iconic “Triomphe” emblem and labels it with the fragrance’s name. Each soap is then wrapped in white silk paper and sealed with a black sticker featuring the Triomphe design. Finally, the soaps are placed in elegant white boxes decorated with siècle mouldings, completing all of these steps by hand with great care.

Infused with 96% natural ingredients, these soaps are a testament to the brand’s commitment to purity and simplicity. Get ready to experience the gentle power of this formula, enriched with sweet almond oil and vegetable glycerin. Revel in the feeling of soft and smooth skin, as if you were touched by the lightness of butter. Additionally, the soaps are highly natural, so you won’t have to worry about any artificial additives added to the mix.

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How much are the CELINE Haute Parfumerie soaps?

The soap is sold individually for RM190, but you can also purchase a set of three for RM570. You can find this product line at CELINE Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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