Find Your Inner Harmony

Your face is the visual plane of your emotions as well as one of the most exposed indicators of age – the ideal skincare routine should target both of these aspects. Increasingly more brands are turning towards an inner sense of calm as well as an outer appearance of youth and using cutting-edge technology to do it; here are three reasons why L’Occitane stands out.

L'Occitane Harmonie Divine Serum

L’Occitane Harmonie Divine Serum

1. Flowers of Gold

At the core of the Harmonie Divine range is the Corsican Immortelle Millésimée flower, a rare breed that is hand-harvested by local farmers, and contains neryl acetate, a deeply healing compound that combats inflammation and helps develop new skin tissue. To say that it’s a precious ingredient is an understatement – it takes one ton of flowers to produce just two litres of essential oil.

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2. Secrets of the Sea

Jania Rubens is self-regenerating seaweed found in the crystal clear waters of Revellata Bay, and is the secret to plumping and firming results. In collaboration with the Submarine and Oceanographic Research Station in Corsica, L’Occitane has devised a way to cultivate jania rubens in vitro, producting a 100% natural extract with no trace of pollution; it’s purity at its finest.

3. Face Harmony Index

The Harmonie Divine range was formulated with this exclusive scale in mind, which measures the aesthetic results of the products – e.g. wrinkles, firmess – but also pays attention to facial volumes and well-being. This new method of evaluation is more deeply in tune with the needs of the modern user, and ensures this skin ritual achieves its ultimate goal: total facial harmony.

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