BAZAAR Beauty Awards Winner 2016: The Best Cream For Sensitive Skin


Strip Ice Cream, RM103.88. Photography: Courtesy of Strip

Why BAZAAR loves it

Hands down—ice-cream solves everything. And thanks to Strip’s supercool cream, it now solves sensitive skin problems, too. Perfect for irritated skin, this soothing formula comes packed with mint extract to calm inflammation and licorice root to treat minor burns and cuts. It’s powerful, effective, and sounds like a delicious blend of ingredients our skin would love to absorb.

Did you know?

Ice Cream feels like a dream on sunburned skin, as well as on your face or body post-IPL treatments. Basically, it’s good for anytime your skin feels hot and bothered. Spiked with moisturising properties to replenish parched skin, it also offers relief to cracked and damaged surfaces.

Available at Strip salons nationwide.

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