BAZAAR Beauty Awards Winner 2016: The Best Hydrating Serum


Sothys Hydrating Essential Ampoules, RM190. Photography: Courtesy of Sothys.

Why BAZAAR loves it

You know that gorgeous post-facial glow? Imagine having your complexion look and feel as supple as that every single day. Sothys’s Hydrating Essential Ampoules make it possible to enjoy the similar results you get from its transformative facials—in the comfort of your own home. Sealed in little vacuum sterile vials, the concentrated serum gives thirsty skin the ultimate hydration boost in optimum doses. Vegetable glycerine drenches the skin with maximum moisture, while a special, patented hyaluronic acid locks it all in so the skin is instantly hydrated and plumped.

Did you know?

The Essential Ampoules range also includes three other variants for different results: brightening, oxygenating, and anti-ageing. Whether you choose to use it as an intensive treatment over a week or an extensive course over a month, the result is most definitely healthy, revitalised skin.

Available at Sothys salons and kiosks nationwide. 

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