BAZAAR Spa Awards 2020: Best Wellness Retreat

Chiva-Som International Health Resort,
Hua Hin, Thailand

Take in the ambience of natural lighting at Wellness Club

A Place Like No Other

“There’s something about Chiva-Som that bewitches you the moment you step through its gilded gates. A hidden sanctuary where the past meets the present, Chiva-Som is a pioneer in its own right, having paved the way for wellness retreats since 1993. Needless to say, the resort exceeded all expectations, with a cult fan base including Kate Moss and David Beckham.”


Tiled walls line the pathway into the Water Therapy room

A New Light

“Arriving from Kuala Lumpur at Hua Hin International Airport with only a few hours of sleep, I was greeted with a refreshing glass of lemongrass tea before being whisked away to my Thai Pavilion Suite. Having just completed its final stages of renovation, the entire resort has been given a contemporary makeover. With a walk-in wardrobe, separate sala, and private foyer, size is certainly not an issue here at Chiva-Som.”

The inviting bathing pavilion at Chiva-Som

Inhale, Exhale

“Only at Chiva-Som, are you able to lose a kilo within a span of 24 hours. I know, it sounded a little unreal at first, but with the resort’s mish-mash of Eastern expertise, endless activities, and vegetarian fine-dining—all, is indeed possible. For someone who struggles with sleep deprivation, anxiety, and stress, an ear-ab reflex treatment along with a diet plan was suggested, to reset my mind, body, and soul. Khun Kathy, one of the resort’s longest serving specialist, is a master at re-aligning one’s entire being. “I can tell that you have trouble sleeping, and I have taken the liberty of applying ear seeds onto your ears.” And might I add, I have never slept better.”

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“On the other end of the spectrum, Chiva-Som’s mélange of activities have also had a part in my overnight weight loss; from water aerobics, to tai chi.”

Amy Yasmine is ready to take on the day

Palate Cleanser

“There’s a reason why the resort has its own recipe book, and it isn’t only because of its array of tastebud-tingling Thai indulgences—it’s because the resort is strictly vegetarian, and uses zero to no salt, and sugar. For plant-based beginners such as myself, Chiva-Som’s offerings are God-sent. With two restaurants on-site, meals are calorie-centric, and proves that one can be indulgent, without indulging. Think chocolate puddings at only 12 kcals per serving, while classic green curries clock in at 150 kcals.” – Amy Yasmine

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73/4 Petchkasem Road, Tambon Nong Kae, Hua Hin District.
Tel: +66 32 536 536.