Bridget Malcolm Shares Her Secrets to Perfect Skin

Bridget Malcolm's routine might be minimal—but that doesn't mean it isn't effective. We caught up with the model at the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel to chat all things skincare.

"The number one most important thing for my beauty routine is health from within," says the Victoria's Secret model. "My skin always looks the best when I’m taking care of myself. For me it’s about diet and exercise, lots of water, and I love a good supplement."

Malcolm, who originally hails from Perth, Australia, takes a multivitamin every day for glowing skin and keeps a close eye on where products are sourced from. "I’ve found it has made a huge difference to my skin," she says.

"I used to use tons and tons of products and wouldn’t really think too much about where they were coming from. I found that my skin would get really clogged up and it didn’t look very good so I scaled it way back," explains Malcolm.

First, she starts with cleansing water because it’s "light and not too stripping ... I want to keep my natural skin oils on as much as I can to keep my skin looking younger."

She doesn't use toner "I keep it really simple—like, really simple," she laughs), but Malcolm does use serum. She loves The Glow Maker by Maelove for its Vitamin C and E.

"My skin type is kind of dry but it gets clogged quite easily," she confesses. "I don’t really get heavy breakouts, but I tend to get one epic pimple that will just sit there for weeks. I usually just ignore it and hope it goes away."

Lastly, Malcolm uses the Kora Noni Glow Body Balm for supple skin. "It's easy to transport and apply because it’s a stick," she notes.

But there’s one more thing she likes to do before she falls asleep: a quick meditation.

"I aim for between 15 and 30 minutes a day," says Malcolm. "I find this really helpful because it helps ground me, and wash off the day."

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