How Vanilla Is The Key To Defying Aging Skin

Not just any kind of vanilla but Vanilla Planifolia. The exceptional raw material that’s in Chanel’s latest Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème to give a single formula for complete and powerful action on signs of aging.

Chanel’s Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème (50g), RM1,880

A symbol of femininity and sensuality, vanilla is mysterious, rich and gifted. Selected by Chanel’s Research team from amongst 117 varieties of vanilla from around the world, Vanilla Planifolia produces numerous exceptional molecules. Chanel oversees, protects, controls, collects, analyzes and enhances its vanilla from the flowers, leaves and fruit; each part of the plant has yielded unprecedented active ingredients and is extracted by specifically custom-tailored processes inspired by nature. Women can now grace their skin with a complete “skincare set of jewelry” with this Sublimage cosmetic treasure.

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It requires a vast amount of patience to obtain Vanilla Planifolia and this how its life cycle is beneficial to the skin:

Year Round: Time of the Leaves


Their treasure: stem cells.

The mission: repair skin barrier through biomimetism.

The 2018 breakthrough: For the first time, they are united with éphémères of Planifolia to protect and reinforce the stratum corneum even more efficiently.

From September to December: Time of the Flowers


Their treasure: flower extract and enfleurage oil, obtained by soaking the dried vanilla flowers in an oil bath.

Their mission: strengthen the skin’s natural defenses against the assaults of time and the environment.

In April: Time of the Young Fruit


Their treasure: éphémères.

Their mission: boost regeneration. In synergy with Planifolia PFA, they improve the longevity, bioavailability and activity of life factors. Combined with stem cells, they reinforce skin barrier.

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From May to June: Time of the Green Fruit


Their treasure: intense vanilla water.

Their mission: protect the extracellular matrix.

From July to August: Time of the Ripe Fruit


Their treasure: Planifolia PFA.

Their mission: intense skin regeneration by stimulating the five essential life factors: TGFB, PdGF, HBEGF, ET1 and VEGF**. This star active ingredient of the range acts on all signs of aging: wrinkles, firmness, hydration, radiance and an even complexion.


* PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic active ingredients.

** TGF-ß: Transforming Growth Factor ß. PdGF: Platelet-derived Growth Factor. VEGF: Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. HBEGF: Heparine Binding Epithelial Growth Factor. ET1: Endothelin-1.


Available at the CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty Boutique at 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Suria KLCC, IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Pavilion KL,
Gurney Plaza Penang, Queensbay Mall, JB Komtar and at CHANEL counters at all leading departmental stores.