Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women: Sophie Kamaruddin

BAZAAR’s Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women from each year return to celebrate fabulous fashion and extraordinary moments. Presenting the luminaries, from original top models to world-class journalists, architects, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and wellness gurus—in a class of their own.

Sophie Kamaruddin

Markets Reporter at Bloomberg TV

Coat, Burberry.

Step out, Break out

“‘If you’re not out of your depth, then you’re not growing.’ I was offered this advice early in my career and it has served me well in life, allowing me to eventually land at Bloomberg in Hong Kong. Almost poetically, it was soon after my feature with BAZAAR in 2010 that I switched professional gears and took a chance on journalism. Admittedly, I’m not a morning person and pre-dawn wake-ups are still a struggle. Yet, I can be sure the right choice was made years ago when the passion for my work endures despite the early starts.”

Never Stop Learning

“What is doubly fulfilling is the sense that I’m constantly learning, especially from my colleagues in the newsroom. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate that what seemed like luck can be attributed to how well one prepares for opportunities as they arise and, crucially, recognising those moments for what they are and the people who are part of the ride.”

Always in the Moment

“In times of doubt or failure, an essential lesson is understanding that success is fleeting, fickle, and an ongoing endeavor. Working in an industry that is fast-paced and continually adapting to the needs of our time, that compulsion is reinforced, particularly as the lines between conventional and new media are increasingly blurred. So at this point in my career, the mission remains to keep growing and to not let moments, be they high or low, pass me by.”

Sophie Kamaruddin, in BAZAAR December 2010 ‘Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women’: “Not quite a decade has passed, but I still feel like the girl in the photo—hungry for knowledge and experience that would take me out of my comfort zone.”