Dior Presents: The World of J’Adore

Joy to the World

When Dior released J’adore Injoy last year, it enraptured fans of the classic J’adore worldwide with an impossibly effervescent, spirited take on the sophisticated white-flower original. Some even whisked their curved bottles along with them to island getaways, inspired by French photographer Jean Baptiste-Mondino’s campaign images of Charlize Theron in a sparkling ocean. And now, the introduction of the smallest, most travel-friendly bottles may just cement its place as a must-have accompaniment to watching the sun go down, cocktail in hand, warm water lapping at the feet. Of course it would. The top note of J’adore Injoy is a sensational, unusual fleur de sel note. “With J’adore Injoy, I created an original fruity-salty accord to make white flowers shine,” says François Demachy, creator of J’adore Injoy and nose of Parfums Christian Dior since 2006. “This fleur de sel is modern in style and literally ‘smells’ of joy.”

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Mist of Time


Glamorous and sensual, the original iconic J’adore is the kind of scent many a woman have dreamed to completely envelop themselves in, a dream now indulged with the new Dior J’adore Body Mist. Every spray yields an expansive, airy cloud of rose, ylang-ylang, and a newly enriched jasmine extract, imparting freshness and instantly softening the skin with cotton nectar. The intensely floral liquid is housed in J’adore’s iconic curved amphora, but with a thinner glass—all the better for light to shine through its liquid gold.

Garden State

Tread the olfactory paths of Dior’s newest golden gesture.

Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel The sensual composition is built on a crisp top note of salt that runs through the whole experience of J’adore Injoy.

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Ylang-ylang A specific variety of the potent ylang-ylang flower was selected from the small island of Nosy Be, off the coast of Madagascar, then taken to Grasse, where Demachy worked with chemists to craft it into a Ylang heart essence of his vision.

Jasmine sambac Known as the “flower of the gods,” Indian jasmine sambac imbues the fragrance with a warm carnal quality.

Neroli A fragrance classic, the neroli’s citrus sweetness is sensual, enveloping, and is distilled from the blossom of the
bitter orange.

Tuberose Voluptuous and unabashedly heady, tuberose rounds off the floral bouquet with its powerful presence.

Peach The J’adore Injoy experience ends with a burst of juicy peach, altogether constituting a light, salty nectar to match the refreshing qualities of ripened fruit.


A Drop of Wonder

The Dior J’adore Injoy is housed in a vessel that matches the beauty of the scent within

If anyone would deign to bottle joy itself, it’s Demachy. Born and raised in the world’s capital of perfume, Grasse, he combines expertise and astute natural instinct to his métier to—as if a poet—speak the language of emotion, transposing their complexities with a vocabulary of 2,500 essences and raw materials.

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Demachy works from the new and historic creative atelier in Grasse, Les Fontaines Parfumées, where he crafts Dior’s fragrances of tomorrow, drawing inspiration from a library of exotic and refreshing scents, crafting for the women who wear his creations. “In Grasse, the conversation between perfumer and the chemist is of utmost importance. Their expertise is incomparable as it is descdended from a long history combining skill and creativity, science and astuteness,” says Demachy. “And that is why we can carry out such subtle olfactory work, as we have with Ylang Heart for J’adore Injoy. And that is also where the luxury of Dior perfumes come from.”


Available at Dior Beauty boutiques and counters nationwide. www.dior.com