Diptyque’s City Candle Collection Is Back For A Limited Time Only

Diptyque City Candles


The Diptyque City candle collection is one we look forward to each year. A limited-edition selection of scents inspired by cities around the world, this collection lets you experience the globe without getting on a plane. Evoking the spirit of travel, Diptyque have added a brand new city to the flight plan: Seoul.


Translating their passion for travel to tangible scents, the three minds of Diptyque have converted their exciting journeys around the world to these lovely candles. From the bustle of New York, the romance of Paris and the glitz of Beverly Hills, these limited-edition olfactive creations are not to be missed.


The collection consists of eleven unique cities, bursting with dazzling life and energy. These perfumed stopovers are a sensory evocations of the towns in question, celebrating their spirit and architecture. Each of these limited-edition City candles will be available throughout the world for a short period. Miss it and you’ll have to wait for them to return next year.

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New Destination: Seoul

Diptque City Candle Seoul

The latest destination to join the collection is none other than the captivating, electric city of Seoul. Diptyque evokes the visual and olfactory atmosphere of this huge, radiant city in candle form. Bringing to life the town’s distinctive characteristics.


A city that artfully balances the beauty of nature with defined architectural nuances, Diptyque capture both sides of the Korean mega-city. It pays homage to its skyscrapers, temples and gardens and a vibrancy that’s urban and bucolic at the same time. The Seoul candle scent is reminiscent of an evening stroll by the Han River during a Spring evening. At its heart is where you’ll find a blossoming hibiscus. A flower that’s emblematic to the country and its heritage, the hibiscus symbolises eternity. With touches of incense, cedar and jasmine, it reveals a poetic journey that’s attuned to the rhythms of the city.

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One of our favourite details of the City collection is its distinction between the original Diptyque candles. Usually dressed with colours that match the vibe of the city, Seoul is a bright red and pink candle. Both colours that are synonymous to the wonderful hibiscus flower. The glass is clad with a multitude of luminous panels resembling those that light up the city and its architecture at night.


This unique journey through cities around the world is a short and sweet one at Diptyque. The collection will be available from the 20th to the 26th of April only. Available at Ken’s Apothecary store around the city to find them before they’re gone again for the year!