The Erdem for Nars ‘Strange Flowers’ Collection is Finally Here

The Erdem for Nars Strange Flowers collection brings strange and peculiar flowers to life in bold pigments and strokes, all at once. For the launch of the exciting collaboration, BAZAAR showcases the vivid colours of this covetable collection with Tunku Elana Khyra, Lee Ming Chiang and Shalma Ainaa.

On Shalma Ainaa (left), Strange Flowers Multi-Use Highlighting Pencil in 'White Phox' and Fleur Fatale Eyeshadow Palette in 'Holly Hock' are blended over the eyelids. Then, the under eye is brushed with Reborn from the Strange Flowers Night Garden Eyeshadow Palette. On Tunku Elana Khyra (right): Strange Flowers Poison Rose Lip Powder Palette in 'Ottoman' is applied as a base, and 'Zira' on top.

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Lee Ming Chiang

From purple pansies to yellow daffodils, the classic smokey eye gets a romantic twist. Transform the satin midnight blue Spring from the Strange Flowers Night Garden Eyeshadow Palette to a frosted royal purple by first basing the eyelids with Multi-Use Highlighting Pencil in ‘White Phox’, and finishing with a dash of of the satin marigold ‘Reborn’ above the eyes. Then, keep the lips nude by blending Strange Flowers Lipstick in ‘Voodoo Lily’ to achieve fleshy, rosy tints that are soft and unassuming.

“Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair black as ebony” — the Snow White adage perfectly embodies this look on Lee Ming Chiang. Her crimson lips are produced using Strange Flowers Poison Rose Lip Powder Palette in ‘Ottoman’ by gently patting on the powdered pigments. The brows are then spruced up with a metallic green line just beneath the brow bone with Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in ‘Rue De Rivoli’.

Here, a character straight out of the pages of the Brothers Grimm.

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