Getting Ready With Malaysia’s It Girls and Jimmy Choo Fever

Getting to know the young fashionable set—Nadiyah Shahab, Kiran Jassal, Fatin Afeefa—in the comfort of a luxurious suite at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur is not how one would imagine spending their Malaysia Day weekend, but it seems almost serendipitous that we have all ended up here. These radiant, confident, and instinctively seductive women become instant Instagram friends almost as soon as they rock up on set, ready for what BAZAAR and Jimmy Choo have in store for them. Getting ready for a night out on the town with a fashion rack to die for, these three beautiful women—glam squad on lock—easily have all eyes on them. With layers of tulle, enough glitter and sequins to be seen from outer space, and the hottest dance hits bouncing off the opulent walls of the Caroline Astor Suite, this is no ordinary digital campaign shoot, it’s a dance party.

It Girls on top at the Jimmy Choo Fever launch in Malaysia

Red Alert

In true beauty queen style, Kiran Jassal, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016, struts out in a black tulle skirt and a glittery turquoise halter top and yells, “I’m ready!”, followed by actress and singer Fatin Afeefa, who twirls out in a metallic jumpsuit. “I feel like a million bucks right now,” she laughs and collapses onto the bed with TV host Nadiyah Shahab, who is dressed in an all-sequin ensemble. We run through the final hair and make-up touch-ups, but the girls aren’t ready just yet.

Kiran Jassal

A gentle spritz of Jimmy Choo’s latest Fever fragrance to bring out their innate confident sensuality, and we’re good to go.“It’s so sultry and sweet at the same time—makes me feel flirty,” says Kiran, before starting a playful “spritz war” with Fatin, dousing the room with floral gourmand notes. “A real mood-changer.”

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“I love how sexy this makes me feel instantly,” says Nadiyah, as she removes the signature square cap from the plum lacquered bottle. “It makes me want to put on my hottest outfit and spend the night with my best girls, painting the town red.”

Nadiyah Shahab

Women On Top

And paint the town red, they did. In a time when women-celebrating-women is at its peak, it’s only fitting to have three #IndependentWomen, who started off as strangers, come together to explore their taste for hedonism and celebrate each other’s free, unadulterated spirit.

Fatin Afeefa

As Jimmy Choo Fever’s arousing trail of roasted almond and rich black plum nectar fill the room, the girls own the camera with an infectious energy, which had us grooving behind the scenes, too. And perhaps, it is the spirit of these confident women and the aura of empowerment that captivated everyone in the room. Feeding off the good vibes and the joie de vivre mirroring the hypnotic Fever fragrance, Kiran, Fatin, and Nadiyah are transported to Jimmy Choo’s effervescent universe for the night. It is, in fact, the women’s effortless confidence and the anticipation of a heady evening filled with possible adventures that lead them to be in charge of their destiny—ready to take on whatever may come their way.

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