Gucci unveils new Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia

Step into a realm of boundless freedom with Gucci’s new Flora Gorgeous Magnolia eau de parfum. The newest addition to the Flora Fantasy universe, it continues the celebration of inner strength that has been personified by songstress and face of the fragrance, Miley Cyrus. 


In 2021, Miley made her dazzling debut as the face of #FloraFantasy, a whimsical world brimming with blooms, adorable animals, and irresistible charm. Now, the latest chapter in this enchanting tale sees Miley stepping out into the open, radiating confidence and an innate connection with nature through the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia.



In Malaysia, the Flora Fantasy kicked off at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. With the mall hosting an intimate outpost for shoppers and fragrance fanatics alike, revealing an intimate window into the flora gardens. Visiting the space was none other than Alisa Soraya, Nalisa Alia Amin and Ashley Lau.


Alisa already being a fan of the fragrance was well versed with the Flora Fantasy. A previous lover of the Gardenia, she immediately fell for the new Magnolia. “Its uniquely sweet but fresh bouquet is very inviting”, she comments. Nalisa being a fan of the Jasmine was excited to see the Flora family grow whilst Ashley took her time to truly immerse herself into the Flora Fantasy universe.



Brought to life by master perfumers Daphné Bugey and Marie Salamagne, they have conjured a distinct scent filled with surprising yet harmonious notes. Drawing inspiration from the joyous energy of the free-spirited woman, this scent revolves around the Magnolia Alba, an ancient and rare plant that demands meticulous harvesting and distillation. Its fruity and floral sweetness is given an edge akin to clary sage, reflecting an intuitive character. This unique magnolia essence exudes joyfulness and a radiant, noble essence.


To enhance the sweetness of the magnolia essence, a dewberries accord is introduced, infusing a fruity and succulent depth. Then, intense woody and patchouli essence anchors the scent, resulting in a subtly earthy and leathery aroma.



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The bouquet continues to unravel blond woods. Imparting a gentle and sensuous touch, it meets a warm coconut accord that brings forth an irresistible and smooth vanilla freshness that is both velvety and addictive. Finally, the jasmine sambac absolute adds a lush green vibrancy and warmth, harmonising with a lingering trail of musks.


To learn more and shop the new Gucci’s new Flora Gorgeous Magnolia eau de parfum, click here! And to experience the Flora Fantasy for yourself, head over to KLCC  from now till the 1st of October, Gurney Plaza in Penang from 19th to 29th October and Mid Valley from 23rd October to 29th October.