Hair Awards 2022: Best Hair Supplement


Best Hair Supplement: MARE More is More Hair Vitamins


The vitamin aisle is overflowing onto beauty shelves — and it’s a lot to swallow. Whatever your worry, vitamins for the hair may be more useful than you think. Hair vitamins work by supplementing the natural processes needed to bolster the hair-growth cycle and augment the deficiencies that cause thinning. So, there’s no reason why you should avoid it.


Whether you’re suffering from hair thinning or just want to promote hair growth and shine, Marion Caunter’s MARE – More Is More Hair Vitamins may be a great addition to your hair maintenance routine.



Powered by biotin, an essential B vitamin—the liquid-based vitamin is known to promote hair health, thickness, and lustre. Mixed with botanical ingredients such as berries, peaches, and saw palmetto— the hair vitamins also work to balance hormone levels and combat hair loss.

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We love consuming the sachet daily either before breakfast or bedtime with chilled water. Having this every day will surely have your crowning glory strive for glossier and healthier hair.