Voting 101: What You Need To Know Before The Malaysian General Election

The 2022 Malaysian general elections are just around the corner, and if you’re already feeling some political fatigue, we don’t blame you. The pressure to vote can feel like a lot, particularly if you think your vote might not go as far. But in truth, it couldn’t be a more important time to cast your ballot. Scroll below to see what you need to know before voting next weekend.

How do I register to vote?

You don’t have to do anything to register to vote. Since December 2021, all citizens over the age of 18 are automatically added to the voter list. Conveniently, the list will be refreshed every month. 

When do I vote? 

The next general election is Saturday, 19 November 2022. 

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Where do I vote?

Everyone has a designated polling station based on their MyKad address. All you need to do is head over to the MySPR Semak website and key in your NRIC number to find out your voting location.

What should I bring to the polls?

Bring your MyKad, comfortable shoes, water, some snacks and good vibes in case lines are long. Do bring an umbrella and hat in case of terrible weather.

How do I vote?

Locate your voting station—usually a school or community hall nearest to you. Bring along your MyKad and you’ll be instructed to line up for a ballot box. Election ushers will cross your name off a voter list, hand you a ballot form and mark your fingers with ink. At the ballot booth, draw a cross next to the name of your preferred candidate and place the ballot slip into the designated box. 

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DO NOT put your name on the ballot slip, because your vote will become void. 

Do I have to fill out the entire ballot?

You do not. If there are candidates or ballot initiatives that you do not want to vote on, you can leave those sections blank.

Can I not vote?

Yes, it is your democratic right, if you choose not to vote.

Is there a dressing policy for polling day?

You can wear anything except for clothing bearing the logos, symbols, or names of political parties. We strongly suggest that you dress modestly, neatly, and comfortably.

Can I vote online if I’m abroad?

Unfortunately no, you’d have to do postal voting. 

What if I’m out of town on Election Day?

Make a plan to vote early by mail. Find out more at the election commission website.

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What is the purpose of the indelible ink on my finger?

The indelible ink is used to mark those who have received their ballot papers at the polling stations and prevent them from doing so multiple times.