Harper’s BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics 2018: Clinic RX’s Nose Thread

Instant Update

Achieving an elegant facial profile with a defined nose no longer has to be a far-fetched—or painful—dream. With Clinic RX’s 3D Nose Lift procedure, you can get your ideal nose shape in 30 minutes and still make it in time for that lunch date. A straightened nasal slope not only creates beautiful symmetry but gives the face an overall lifted appearance as well—a welcome added bonus.

For a sharper, more defined nose bridge, a non-invasive nose thread lift procedure does the trick

Perfect Touch

Performed using a thin and flexible cannula, this non-surgical procedure involves the careful insertion of fine, absorbable threads 5mm under the skin. The tiny hooks on the thread anchor the skin, elevating the nose bridge to make it sharper and smoother. While the threads painlessly dissolve over time, the noticeable results will continue to impress for a year and beyond.

Subtle Finish

Boasting instant results with zero downtime—just a mild swelling that subsides in a few days—this minimally invasive technique is the nose-perfecting treatment of choice, especially for those who want a modest enhancement without permanently augmenting their natural structure.

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