AROMATICA’s Rosemary Haircare Collection is What You Need for Healthy Locks this Summer

Did you know that rosemary is actually good for your hair? Well, you do now. Here are the best rosemary haircare products to incorporate into your shower routine.

As high temperatures continue to rise in Malaysia, being out in the sun can actually cause long-term damage to your beautiful locks. In fact, sun damage can cause destruction to the hair’s protein structure. This can lead to dry and brittle strands and lose their elasticity to your hair. To reverse the damage, it’s best to prep the hair with the right haircare products. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect solution to your problems.

As a culinary and healing herb, rosemary has proven to contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to stimulate hair growth. Thanks to TikTok, rosemary oil has gained popularity due to its affordability, accessibility, and incredible healing benefits. In case you didn’t know, introducing this magical potion to your everyday routine can promote nerve growth and strengthen circulation. If you’ve wanted to introduce rosemary products to your routine, why not try AROMATICA’s rosemary haircare collection to your hair routine?

rosemary for hair
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What you need to know about AROMATICA’s rosemary haircare collection:

Formulated with vegan ingredients and powered by aromatherapy, AROMATICA is here to be your ideal companion. Before kickstarting your rosemary journey, start by adding these products to the cart: Rosemary Scalp Scrub (RM70) and Rosemary Root Enhancer (RM60).

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All you need to do is add these two game-changing products to your weekly routine. Infused with rosemary essential oil, rosemary leaf extract, Lake Andres salt and probiotics, the scalp scrub helps soften the buildup of dead skin cells for a breezy exfoliation. Additionally, to enhance the growth of your hair, the probiotics help provide essential nutrients to the roots. For optimal results, incorporate the scrub into your routine before or in place of your usual shampoo. Simply apply the product directly to your hairline and massage it in thoroughly. It is recommended to use this treatment once or twice a week.

For the full game-changing effect, AROMATICA’s Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo and Hair Thickening Conditioner are definitely worth a try. However, feel free to complete this routine with your desired shampoo and conditioner too.

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Once you’re done with the scrub, go ahead and use the Rosemary Root Enhancer. This potent oil, infused with rosemary essential oil, rosemary leaf extract, a 7 vitamin complex, and a 6 black food complex, promotes healthy hair roots and restores balance for voluminous hair. The best way is to apply a drop or two of the elixir on your scalp and massage it thoroughly on the scalp with the Dual Scalp Care Shampoo Brush to deeply cleanse while exfoliating the dead skin cells from the pores of the scalp. The best part? It’s made from 100% waterproof material, so you can definitely leave it in the shower with ease.

Once you’re done, be sure to be consistent with this weekly routine, and your tress will be healthy and flouncy in no time.

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