The M.A.C Clinic’s OxyGeneo Facial Will Improve Your Complexion

It’s time to glow.

While there are a myriad of cosmetic treatments to choose from, there are new procedures that promise to change the non-surgical realm in 2024. Let’s just say it’s an exciting time for the aesthetic industry due to its groundbreaking approach and impeccable results. Just recently, our visit to the M.A.C Clinic in Starhill Kuala Lumpur was a moment we simply can’t forget. With its friendly staff and sophisticated space, we walked in with an open mind and a sense of serenity, knowing that we were being taken care of.

Our choice was the OxyGeneo treatment, a unique blend of microdermabrasion and oxygenation that promises a renewed and smoother complexion. Stepping into the treatment room, we were captivated by the serene starry lights and the gentle music that filled the air. As we settled onto the massage bed, the therapist entered, ready to guide us through the next hour of this extraordinary experience.

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What to know about the M.A.C Clinic OxyGeneo Treatment:

What sets this treatment apart from others is how it uses natural oxygen molecules to increase oxygen levels on the skin’s surface. If you’re experiencing clogged pores and an uneven surface, this will be an added boost of goodness to your skin. This treatment gently exfoliates the skin while infusing active ingredients to address various skin concerns, resulting in a radiant and rejuvenated appearance that gives immediate and long-term benefits.

If this is your first time hearing about this treatment, don’t fret; keep in mind that it is highly recommended for addressing dull skin, photo-damaged skin, and uneven skin tone and combating fine lines and wrinkles with large pores.

The OxyGeneo facial involves a three-step process of exfoliation, infusion of active ingredients, and oxygenation of the skin. Our journey began with microdermabrasion to remove superficial dead skin cells, followed by a vibrating massage to help the skin absorb the active ingredients from a gel applied prior to the procedure.

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For those with sensitive skin, be sure to inform the therapist of your pain level, as it can be pretty intimidating at first. Our suggestion is to start with a slower pace, allowing your skin to adjust before reaching its full potential. Once you’re used to the pace, the next step will be a seamless experience added to the journey. The exfoliation step evokes a soothing-like massage, preparing the skin for better absorption. Nutrient-rich gels are then gently massaged into the skin using the OxyGeneo handpiece. While individual experiences may vary, most people find OxyGeneo facials to be a comforting and enjoyable experience. To finish off, toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen are applied to complete the skincare routine.

Post-treatment, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your complexion, with fairer and brighter skin. We definitely noticed that our dark acne spots had lightened a shade, and our uneven skin appeared to have reached a more balanced level.

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Depending on the severity of your skin damage and the number of treatments, the results can be long-lasting. Many people start with two OxyGeneo treatments per month, gradually reducing to one treatment per month as part of a maintenance plan. Rest assured, the OxyGeneo facial is a reliable and effective solution for your skincare needs.

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