How To Achieve Perfect Brows


Patrick Ta is a hugely influential celebrity make-up artist, working with the likes of the Hadid sisters, Rosie Hunting-Whiteley and Chrissy Teigen – who, having spent time in his chair, radiate on the red carpet with lustrous glowing skin. That, and perfectly defined brows. Whether full yet fluffy or precise, they are always the right side of defined.

Naturally, brows are so personal to not only your features, but your preference, so what suits one person won’t work for everyone, Ta tells us. However, there are some tips we can all heed which he shares with Bazaar below:

Adopt a ‘less is more’ approach when grooming

Ta says that grooming your brows should ideally be done “as little as possible – and only ever by a trained professional”. In line with his signature glowy skin, he loves seeing real brow hairs, he explains; “I want the make-up to enhance features, not overpower them.”

He adds that natural, raw beauty is really having its moment, “which is why the bushy brow trend is thriving.” Therefore, Ta says, “whatever your brow-grooming technique, always adopt a ‘less is more’ approach”. Put the tweezers down.

Take the time to shade-match your products

One of the biggest mistakes Ta sees when it comes to brows is people using the wrong make-up shade to enhance them. “Finding the perfect colour match is essential because there are so many different undertones of brunette, blonde and auburn,” he explains. So take the time to marry your shade to your brow hairs, thinking about them specifically (not just your overall colourings). Also, “try not to over-fill with colour,” he says, which “can look quite harsh”.

Consider changing the way you wear your brows to suit your style that day

“I approach each face differently to find a style that suits their features and bone structure best, but changing how you brush and set the brow is the easiest way to switch up a look,” Ta notes. “For a natural or more romantic make-up look, feathery full brows complement the glam. A graphic eye or winged liner paired with a precise, defined brow balances the angles beautifully.”

Different looks require different products and techniques

Of course, when adopting a different vibe with your brows, from ‘no make-up’ make-up, to fully done, you need to use different techniques. Ta schools us on how.

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For natural-looking brows:

“Firstly, brush the brows through to find your natural shape. Then go in with a brow pencil or pomade to create hair-like strokes in sparse patches [try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz]. To soften the effect and emphasise the natural hairs, take the Iconic London Brow Silk, spritz their golden Brow Groomer [included] with a make-up setting spray and pick the balm up directly onto the brush. Using light, short strokes, brush the product through following the natural hair direction. The product creates a clear film over the brows for extra lift, definition and all-day staying power.

For full, fluffy brows:

“For this look, start with the Brow Silk. Add some setting spray directly to the balm and use the Brow Groomer to pick up the product. Use upward motions through the front of the brow to the arch to lift hairs and create volume. Work the remaining product through the end of the brow, brushing the hairs outward for a feathery finish. Set this shape by using the flat side of the Brow Groomer to push the product and hairs flat against the skin. After a few seconds this will set in place, then go in with your brow pencil to add small hair strokes under the brow where needed. For the fullest effect, run the Brow Groomer through once more for extra texture.”

For defined, bold brows:

“I prefer to use a brush and pomade for a precise, bold brow [try the Tom Ford Brow Pomade]. Use a small angled brush at a slant to create single hair strokes at the start of the brow. Pick up more of this pomade and use small hair strokes to create precise definition under the arch and through the tail. Take the remaining product and softly outline above the arch, through the top of the brow tail and fill in any sparse patches throughout. To lock everything in place, take the Brow Silk and pick up the product with a dampened Brow Groomer. Softly brush the front of the brow up, and smooth the balm through the rest of the brow following the natural hair direction. For extra definition and a lifted illusion, take a little concealer on a brush and create a sharp edge under the arch.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK