Malaysian It Model Alicia Amin Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Malaysian It Model Alicia Amin Shares Her Beauty Secrets

The Malay-German stunner on the transition from bold hues to strictly skincare.

The unapologetic and beautifully fearless model, TV-host and actress Alicia Amin opens up on all things beauty. The model-activist delves into her ultimate beauty secrets and what helps her to be photo-shoot and catwalk ready, including her favourite picks from newly launched Tom Ford Beauty, which recently opened a standalone store in Suria KLCC.

What are your earliest memories of beauty?

I wasn’t very vain or self conscious as a child, but I remember turning 13, going into co-ed school for the first time, getting my period (with the worst acne, haha) and asking my mum for concealer only to be rejected because, who wears make-up to school?

Best beauty secrets learned from your mother?

Less is more; I was very experimental whenever I stole her make-up. I was a blue eyeshadow, coral blush and red lipstick kind of teen. She always told me “choose one feature to put the colour on.”

Alicia Amin rocking Tom Ford Beauty Lip Colour in ‘Naomi’

Has your beauty philosophy evolved through the years?

From Paddle Pop teenager I developed a love for bold eyeliner. Later on, it was “one bold feature at a time.” When I was studying in Australia it was all about lashes and red lips but ever since I’ve come back home as a model, I find myself only wearing make-up at shoots and shows, so now it’s all about skincare to support that.

As a model, how do you always keep your skin runway- and photoshoot-ready?

The Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil is gentle enough to clear your skin after a make-up-less day. Also, always moisturise and keep hydrated.

Alicia Amin all dolled up in everything Tom Ford Beauty by celebrity make-up artist Khir Khalid.

What is the secret to your flawless skin?

Flawless skin is a lot of work. It boils down to the food you eat, exercise and many facials. I would say the true secret to flawless skin is commitment.

What’s your make-up mantra?

Either highlight your best, or use your best highlighter.

Which beauty products can’t you live without?

A good make-up remover and a proper cleanser. There is nothing any toner, moisturiser or facial essence could do if you still have make-up debris on your skin.

What is the craziest beauty look you’ve had to pull off?

Between bleached eyebrows or a glitter skin – it’s a tie!

What are your beauty must-haves this season?

Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation to cover my tattoos during slightly more conservative shoots, and bomb coloured highlighters.

Tom Ford Beauty Traceless Stick Foundation, RM325


Tom Ford Beauty, G04, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC

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