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How do you think technology could be advantageous in becoming vegan or leading a healthier lifestyle in general?
I think technology has been essential in making new and unusual lifestyle choices mainstream, like being vegan and health conscious. No matter where you’re from, even if it’s a small town with no other vegans, it’s now possible to get inspired by and learn from other vegans online. There are so many myths about the vegan diet and what’s considered healthy, but because of the internet, we can now educate ourselves on the health benefits of eating plants and staying away from animal products. I love going online and seeing all that gorgeous vegan food on YouTube and blogs. It really has grown immensely since I became vegan 8 years ago.

How did you transition from a fashion background to talking more about healthy living?
A few years back, as our [with boyfriend, David] clothing website (mindthemustard.com) started to grow, we noticed that our followers showed a bigger interest in my personal life, instead of just me as a model or stylist. So I started a personal Instagram account and started posting photos of my everyday life, and of course, of my food. People really seemed to love reading about my food and my healthy lifestyle, so I decided to explore this direction even more. That’s when I got the idea for my blog (jennymustard.com) and YouTube videos with tutorials on how to cook our type of food.
Clothing line, modelling, YouTube channel – and now you have a recipe book too.
About 20 of the recipes have instructional videos connected to them with a QR-code linking to the YouTube channel. All the recipes are super healthy, just the type of food I eat myself all the time. Fresh, yummy, and pretty. It’s food that’ll make that body of yours happy too! Almost all recipes are gluten-free, vegan of course, and without white sugar. I don’t like using oil unnecessarily, since I’m into whole foods, so oil is only very rarely included in the recipes.

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Judging from your signature look, it’s great to see a vegan who doesn’t see why-not to be fashionable and into beauty too.
If I’m going out to work instead of working from home, I apply make-up, which is usually made up of a combined foundation and powder, tons of eye liner and mascara. Maybe I’ll add a lipstick. I like keeping things simple, but dramatic.
Favourite beauty products?
I like Beauty Without Cruelty – vegan makeup brand with great mascara and lipsticks. Aromi has a lovely liquid lipstick that lasts forever even if I’m eating or drinking. I use Swedish brand Make Up Store’s dual foundation as both foundation and powder, and it is the only base I need. Vegan brand LVX has gorgeous nail polish colours. Gaia Creams is my favourite skincare brand. I’ve been using their stuff for years now, and all I really need is their moisturiser to be happy. When I started using their products my skin became so soft after a couple of weeks. It’s really great to know that I’m only putting clean and organic products on my face. I also love my homemade toner, which is basically water, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil.
What other natural beauty skincare do you make at home?
Cold green tea is actually a great toner; oatmeal is my favourite facial mask, and you can exfoliate with tahini (sesame paste). There are so many plants out there that heal, moisturise, soothe and take care of our skin.
Do you do anything special to preserve the platinum crop?
My hair is very low-maintenance. I just wash it with water and some conditioner. I never use shampoo because my hair isn’t oily at all. And then I apply some coconut oil and muss it up.
And finally, your beauty secret?
Being a healthy vegan is the best beauty secret. The things we eat affect both our insides and outsides so very much. Anything from great skin that’s clear and radiant, to an energised body without feeling bloated, to bright eyes, and healthy hair and nails. If I would choose one single beauty tip – more important than any make-up or beauty products – it would be a healthy vegan diet packed with fruit and veggies. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, staying away from white sugar, saturated fats and dairy products are other health habits that I feel are incredibly important to feel and look great.

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