Natalie Portman Shares Her Thoughts on the New Miss Dior


Parfums Christian Dior reinvents the classic floral bouquet of the Miss Dior fragrance. With Natalie Portman as its muse, she exclusively shares with BAZAAR her thoughts and experiences with the reimagined Miss Dior. 


A profusion of flowers that bewitch and awaken, the new Miss Dior is refreshing and light as it envelops the air with its whimsy bouquet of dazzling roses and a warm embrace of vanilla and tonka bean. 



Sensual, but soft, this fragrance unfurls into a new floral profusion that Dior is coining the Millefiori bouquet. At the heart is Dior’s iconic Centifolia rose—an ode to their beloved gardens of Grasse. Light and joyful lily, peony and iris join the symphony for an expressive, and elegant touch. Then, a cocoon-like musk settles in to offer a splash of sexy—vanilla, tonka bean and a creamy sandalwood envelops the base to finish this exuberant embodiment of the Dior house. 

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Starring in the latest Miss Dior film is Natalie Portman, donning Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Millefiori masterpiece of a dress, she shares her thoughts on the new Miss Dior


What was your first impression of the new Eau De Parfum? 

NP: It’s so fresh and floral. It’s light at first, and then becomes exuberant. It feels like a little cocoon smell. 


Describe the new Miss Dior in 3 words? 

NP: Confident, Passionate and Flowers! 


Did you find any differences compared to other Miss Dior fragrances? 

NP: It is more powerful but still light and fresh, thanks to Sandalwood, Tonka bean…it gets more expressive. 




We often connect fragrances to memories,  does this fragrance remind you of anything in particular, a specific moment or memory? 

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NP: When I visited Grasse in the South of France with François Demachy (2015 or 2016), we witnessed the harvesting of the Grasse rose, which is used to make Miss Dior, and it was a magical experience that helped me understand the art of what goes into making a perfume. 


When you think about Miss Dior, what’s the first memory it evokes to you? 

NP: Probably the first time I was in the South of France, and the way the light hits the flower fields at the end of the afternoon. 


What role does perfume play in your everyday life, and do you have a special way of applying it? 

NP: I love scent and it feels central to our emotion. I love to spray my Miss Dior and walk through it, like my mother taught me, which has the sensual experience of feeling like it’s a light rain of the most beautiful scent. Also, then it’s not too strong and ends up lightly in your hair which most people will smell most! 

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