Our Post-Lockdown Skincare Must-Have


As restrictions begin to slowly ease up, we always still have to be mindful of one another and the rules set to ensure we keep each other safe. One of those biggest rules is of course, wearing a mask. Absolutely essential for keeping you and others protected, a mask is part of the new normal—but unfortunately the skin effects it causes also have brought up new modern skin struggles.


Birthing the likes of maskne—it’s a consequence that we can’t really escape from but what we can do is prevent and care for the skin before and after mask wearing. Less abrasive mask materials are always a great option such as silk, cotton and linen. Not only are they more comfortable on the skin, it is also better for the environment as you can reuse them to your heart’s content.  However, innovations like this mask liner from Skin Inc may just be an additional game changer to our everyday lives as we continue to navigate this post-lockdown environment.

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Never one to shy away from innovation and finding smart solutions to modern day skin struggles, Skin Inc’s latest Mask Liners are super impressive and are a great addition to your mask layering. If you’re already one to suffer from clogged pores, acne and sensitive skin, this could be your next skincare must-have.


Letting your skin breathe, despite being covered, the Mask Liners from Skin Inc are baby-soft and made out of a non-woven fabric that acts as a shield between your skin and your mask, as well as the suffocating vapour from your breath. Hypoallergenic too, it’s a great option to prevent problems like irritation, flare-ups and added pressure from your mask.



Not to be confused with a mask filter, these Mask Liners are purely for skin protection and making sure the risk of any maskne flare ups are at an absolute minimum. Mimicking the shape of the typical masks, these go almost unnoticeable and its comfortable fabric doesn’t put any additional pressure you may feel on your ears. Especially if you prefer to wear 3ply surgical masks and N95s that are made of more abrasive materials, the mask liners will be a welcoming, protective blanket against your skin.

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