Party Hair Made Simple, By Hollywood’s Biggest Hairstylist Adir Abergel

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As the go-to hairstylist for Hollywood’s biggest names – from Kristen Stewart to Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway – Adir Abergel’s work has been a red carpet fixture for 25 years. While celebrating these women’s individuality through their hair, hesimultaneously inspires us onlookers to try new styles.

Of course, doing occasion hair on oneself isn’t the same as having a talent like Abergel do it for you, but he believes that by starting with the right foundations anything is possible. That’s why he agreed to become creative director for Virtue, innovative haircare that uses a patented protein ethically sourced from human hair. “It’s changing the way that people are now able to deal with their hair,” he tells us, explaining that he’s building styling products around the range that restores and repairs your hair. With this in mind we asked the artist for his ultimate hairstyling hacks, from product tips to styling tricks.

Short, long, up or down; read this guide to infinitely up your hair game.

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How to make up-dos easy

“If you create the right texture first, up-dos look cool and not ‘done’. So first have a bit of a bend in it. You can take your iron very quickly in any direction and create a broken up effect. Spray a little bit of dry shampoo all over for more texture. Then a great way to wear it up is to easily twist it into a shape that feels a little bit deconstructed, then using a great accessory like a clip or pin secure it into an easy twist. Like what you did in high school, it’s a simple. Think about placement, then play. For a French twist style start right at the middle of the head. If you’re going to do a low bun do it right at the nape. If you want a cool topknot vibe then twist it right on the top of your head.”

To make short hair look ‘done’

“You can play with textures, for example pomades to make it a little more shiny. Create different partings. So, if you’re going to do a deep side part, follow the highest arch of your brow, that’s a great placement. For a middle part follow the arch of your nose. A lot of the time our brows aren’t exactly right, but that is a good indicator. Play with proportions of the hair being higher vs close to the head. For height use a Lifting Powder, it will give you great memory around your root area and more of a pompadour feel maybe and slicked a little on the side.”

Play with accessories

I find amazing threads, fabrics to cut up and ribbons at fabric stores – those are all incredible to play with. Think outside the box, push yourself and try something new. You want it to look chic not cheap, so think of it as jewellery, not just a hair accessory. Then you’ve got a look with minimal effort!

I created my own hair accessories line for Lelet NY and also rate Jennifer Behr and Rachel Black Millinery.

Maintenance on the night:

“Think about your hair like architecture. If you’re building without the right foundations it will collapse. So it’s the same with hair. Always start and end with products.

“For an up-do I always send my girls off onto the red carpet with a few extra pins and for flyaways a tiny travel toothbrush sprayed with some product (so they don’t have to take the actual product). I usually put some of the 6-in-1 Styler or the Polish UnFrizz Cream on it, so they can literally touch-up if any frizz appears. When you go to the bathroom, don’t touch your hair with your hands – that’s what collapses hairstyles from your natural oils – simply touch it up with the toothbrush if you need to!”

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