Pola Brings An Ageless Way Of Living To Malaysia

Pola B.A Skincare Isetan KLCC

Pola, a Japanese skincare brand, was launched in 1946 so new it is not, but it’s definitely new to Malaysia as it opened its first counter at Isetan KLCC. Using over 19 million skin data points, Pola has created some of the most groundbreaking skincare available today.

One product line—the B.A line—in particular, is among Pola’s best sellers. Created in 1985 and named after the Bio-Active theory that states “the true beauty of skin only emerges by maximising the skin’s power”, B.A gives you the tools you need to slow down signs of ageing as opposed to erasing it altogether. Currently in its sixth generation, B.A aims to pave a path of “ageless” living.

This sixth generation of the B.A skincare range has five products that make up a ‘clear & nourish’ skincare regimen that aims to give you an enviable complexion in approximately 100 days.

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Pola B.A Skincare Isetan KLCCB.A Cleansing Cream, 130g, RM456

This dense cream emulsifies into a rich, high-quality oil
that works to cleanse skin while eliminating dullness.
It’s the perfect formula to remove makeup, oil, and
dirt that clings to skin after a long day.



Pola B.A Skincare Isetan KLCCB.A Wash, 100g, RM456

Once you’ve removed the makeup, oil, and dirt from
your face, double down with this foaming wash
for a thorough cleanse. This wash produces a highly elastic foam
(we tested it, it’s super bouncy!) that adheres to skin
to properly draw out any leftover impurities.




Pola B.A Skincare Isetan KLCC

B.A Lotion, 120ml, RM918

This lightweight formula works to prep your
now clean skin for better product absorption
with the two following products. The B.A Lotion
also works to firm skin and add lustre to it.

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Pola B.A Skincare Isetan KLCC

B.A Milk, 80ml, RM918

Formulated to permeate the deeper layers
of your skin, this dense, rich milk plumps and
softens skin for improved lustre and elasticity.





Pola B.A Skincare Isetan KLCC

B.A Cream, 30g, RM1,472

A little pearl-sized dollop of this cream
goes a long way! The rich texture permeates
layers of skin to deliver three-dimensional
lustre and moisture for maximum bounce and firmness.






The Pola B.A range is available exclusively at Isetan KLCC.


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All images courtesy of Pola