PurelyB Launches Asia’s First Health & Wellness Marketplace

From its humble beginnings in May 2015, PurelyB was one of the 20 startups in Malaysia selected for the Stanford Technology Ventures Programme in Silicon Valley, ever since they have trail blazed the online health and wellness community with a voice heard across the region. As of May 17th 2016, PurelyB announced a breakthrough milestone as they launched the first regional health and wellness marketplace with a wide variance of products made readily accessible and available from eco-friendly active wear to toxin free beauty and personal care essentials.

Geared not only for success across the South East Asian region, PurelyB has set eyes on providing a holistic platform that will incite, inspire and foster an international community and following of like-minded individuals from all walks of life gathered by the same sentiment to lead healthy and balanced lifestyles.

BAZAAR exclusively speaks to Raja Jesrina Arshad, Founder of PurelyB on her first words,

The wellness trend in Asia is really surging! People are becoming increasingly health-conscious but it’s difficult for them to find healthy options locally. We intend to fill this gap by making it easier for them to get information and access to the products and services they need to lead healthier lifestyles, all in one place!

We cater to a variety of health preferences – be it eco-friendly fitness wear, gluten-free, guilt-free snacks, toxin-free beauty products, natural baby care and more. This convenience and ease will make all the difference and empower more people to change their lifestyles for the better!

Malaysia and Singapore are our key focus markets at this point but people from all over the region can already shop at our store and get the items delivered to their doorstep. By end of 2016, we aim to further expand our range of offerings available to our customers in Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia.

PurelyB is extending an exclusive 30% off select products and complimentary store credits and free shipping for BAZAAR readers on the PurelyB Store platform for registrations before the 23 May, 2016.

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Marketplace Launch VIsual 3

Marissa Parry, Personal Trainer at PurelyB spoke to the Harper’s BAZAAR’s Malaysia Beauty Team for the May 2016 ‘Power Issue’ on her quick tips on speedy fat burners and keeping your  metabolism up and running via High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is designed for  maximising the amount of calories burned both during and after a workout.

For someone of good health who is aiming for fat loss or weight maintenance – I would suggest 3 HIIT sessions per week which incorporate using body weight and weights, plus 1 yoga / pilates / swimming  session – something of less intensity that can lengthen the body. Following an intense workout, your body increases oxygen consumption to restore itself to resting state; this process is known as EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) and can last from 24 to 48 hours after, so your body is essentially burning fat to fuel the restorative process for up to 48 hours following HIIT.

5 Minute Blast
Repeat 3-5 times with 60 seconds rest in between

20 x lunges (10 on each leg)

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80 x skipping with a jump rope

8 Minute Sprint Cycle

Finish 2-3 cycles and finish with an extra 4 minutes jog and 5 to 10 minutes walk

Jog for 4 minutes

Sprint for 30 seconds

Walk for 1 minute

Sprint for 20 seconds

Walk for 1 minute

Sprint for 10 seconds

Walk for 1 minute