Siyoung Lee Battles Indonesia’s Volcanic Gases with SK-II

Siyoung Lee at the Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia.

Siyoung Lee exposes her skin to one of the world’s most dangerous and sulphurous surroundings as she treks the Ijen volcano in Indonesia with SK-II. Releasing a tremendous amount of sulphuric volcanic gas on a daily basis, its surrounding ecosystem is completely devastated; one can easily imagine how much damage it can do to one’s skin.

Joining the Korean actress and national boxer in SK-II’s second segment of the Face the Wild and Face the Camera expedition is Hannah Reyes from National Geographic, who documented the conditions and explored the active volcano in Java.

But the challenge doesn’t end here. After a full day of trekking, Siyoung will have to “face the camera”, lensed by Jesper Mcilroy for SK-II. “It takes guts to take on and nail a beauty shoot in some of the world’s most extreme environments immediately after a physically demanding trek the day before.” said Mcilroy, who also collaborates with fellow photographer Kirk Cheung in the SK-II Face the Wild and Face the Camera expedition.

Watch Siyoung Lee’s expedition in Indonesia’s Ijen volcano.