Unlocking Brighter Under Eyes with SK-II’s New GenOptics Under Eye Circle



Fine lines, dullness and wrinkles have unfortunately become bigger concerns as we get older. Hoping to curb any signs of ageing, we’re prioritising investing early in effective under-eye care that promises to treat and prevent these concerns. The latest addition to SK-II’s award-winning GenOptics Series does just that. Introducing the new SK-II GenOptics Under Eye Circle, the brand’s first-ever advanced serum specifically designed to brighten up under eye shadows, plump up skin, and smoothen textures around the eyes.


As the newest game-changer in the eye serum market, it’s time to bid adieu to dark circles and the look of pesky under-eye shadows by making the switch to the GenOptics Under Eye Circle. If you’re like me, looking after the delicate skin around the eyes has become a pressing concern and something I’ve grown to prioritise. Irregular sleep cycles, squinting at my laptop screen as I work in the dark, and excessive exposure to all sorts of environmental pollution have and will continue to affect my eye area if I don’t do anything different. Sometimes these external factors are out of our control, so turning to a powerful and effective treatment is the next best solution.

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At the heart of this new eye serum is SK-II’s one and only signature PITERA™, their impressive GenOptics Aura Technology, and enriching GenOptics Under Eye Dual Complex. Working to reduce dullness and promote a healthy turnover to brighter skin, this lightweight formula enhances the brightened skin layer. How? The secret is in plumping and smoothening texture, while retaining hydration around the delicate eye area. The latest GenOptics Under Eye Dual Complex also combines LA-Bright, Sodium Lactate, Xylitol and Trehalose. This incredibly advanced and potent cocktail of ingredients that gently exfoliates the eye area and protects the skin from dehydration, all the while plumping and smoothening texture through moisturisation!


As we get into the science behind this amazing product, we’re also taking notes of SK-II’s research. The brand has highlighted main issues triggering under eye concerns faced by women today: accumulation of pigmentation causing dullness, rough and thin skin caused by dryness and pollution, and lack of blood circulation caused by daily stress. These are all contributing factors to darker and accelerated signs of ageing.

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I’ve always been wary of my under-eye area because I felt that I invested in anti-ageing care quite late. I do more damage than good as I tend to only sleep around four to five hours a night and love my screen time. But noticing the dullness of the under-eye area and the constant return of eye-bags has basically scared me to be more diligent and find a solution that works for me. Implementing an eye treatment like the GenOptics Under Eye Circle has been perfect for me as the effects feel almost instantaneous, suits my combination skin and I can’t resist a product that comes with its own applicator too.


Not only have we grown to be big fans of this smart formula, but we’re also loving the packaging of it too! It’s fuss-free bottle is already equipped with SK-II’s unique ceramic roller ball applicator attached for easy application. Doubling as a massage tool, the ceramic roller ball helps improve blood circulation and cools down skin to relax the eyes, unleashing bright, radiant aura around the eyes from the first application. I am one to always keep my nails quite long, so I always appreciate it when brands incorporate an applicator with their eye creams so that I avoid hurting myself accidentally with my nails.

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SK-II’s latest GenOptics Under Eye Circle has quickly become a staple in our beauty product rotation. Inspiring us to take charge of our skincare routine and nurturing the delicate skin around the eyes, we now can’t go a day without it.


We have had no regrets and our under-eyes have never looked better. If you’d like to try this product for yourself, head over to their website to purchase!


Brought to you by SK-II.