Strip: Ministry of Waxing Presents: Honey Trails

Since Strip says “We Want Your Hair,” why not oblige and treat yourself?

Bees have long had a relationship with skincare. The sweet, sticky golden nectar produced by the hardworking pollinators is revered for its soothing and healing benefits. It’s no wonder that beeswax is the star ingredient in Strip’s highly popular Queen Bee Wax. Perfect for larger body areas such as the arms and legs, the honey-formulated soft wax glides on smoothly onto skin before shrink-wrapping itself around the hair, allowing it to be pulled away effortlessly.

Excellent as an emollient, beeswax works a treat in conditioning the skin. Packed with moisturising agents and anti-bacterial properties, beeswax is ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive tendencies. It leaves freshly-waxed skin feeling comfortably soft and smooth, calming redness while enveloping skin with the light, delicious scent of honey. Take part in Strip’s “We Want Your Hair” campaign and embrace this golden ingredient while grooming yourself.

Enthusiasm for bees runs deep at Strip. Recognising the importance of bees not only in the beauty industry but also in the ecosystem as a whole, the waxing powerhouse is devoting the exclusive Strip Saves Bees campaign to inspire public action towards preserving the bee population, while supporting the bee farming trade. By sourcing natural beeswax and honey from Australia, Strip creates a sustainable income stream for underprivileged bee farmers, who in turn continue to create a safe environment for the bees.

Survival of the bees is key in maintaining a healthy economy as most industries rely on them to pollinate plants, as well as to produce honey for a myriad of purposes. Apart from supporting environmentally conscious businesses, those keen on doing their part can consider introducing bee-friendly plants into their homes using low toxic pesticides. Then, saunter over to Strip for a pampering wax, because who says you can’t treat yourself while saving the world?


Available at Strip stores nationwide.