Being Resilient with Shiseido Professional Sublimic Fuente Forte


With the extension of Shiseido Professional’s coveted Sublimic Fuente Forte collection, we turn to three friends of BAZAAR to share their own stories of resilience. 


The scalp can be a sensitive place, especially with the abundance of external aggressors that we are constantly exposed to—which is why protection is key. Shiseido Professional has now extended their beloved Sublimic Fuente Forte collection to address and help those with more sensitive scalp issues and to fortify the scalp to be more resilient, healthy and strong. 


With these new additions to the collection, Shiseido Professional introduces their Scalp Double-Enhancing System, which offers intensive care by moisturising the scalp according to the specific needs of each individual. With this regimen in place it is also set to promote a healthy, resilient scalp, ensuring it remains beautiful, light, and comfortable.



And on the topic of resilience, BAZAAR have invited three personalities from various backgrounds to share their own stories about the challenges they may have faced whilst building their own name and brand in their respective fields.  


Bella Dally

Actress and TV host Bella Dally is no stranger to the world of entertainment. For her, resilience begins with facing challenging situations that teach us the meaning of life and how it makes us smarter, stronger, and more positive. As a Sabah native, she frequently encounters challenges related to cultural differences, particularly in dialect conversations. Despite these obstacles, she never lets it get to her as she constantly finds ways to power through. Her willingness to explore various endeavours and step out of her comfort zone has been instrumental in her success to this day.


Kim May Chee

For managing director and founder of COCODry, Kim May Chee, affectionately known as Kim, explains that starting a new business in the market, particularly a hair salon based on the COCODry concept, is not as easy as expected. To succeed, one needs to be resilient and persevere through the struggle until it bears fruit. No individual succeeds without being tested by adversity. Therefore, resilience for Kim is a symbol of the spirit of not giving up in the face of all obstacles and challenges.


Tuti Noor

The renowned fashion model, Tuti Noor, also shared her story of how she solidified her name to remain relevant in the fashion scene. For Tuti, the journey was not as beautiful as she initially thought. Making her name on the international stage was no easy feat, and she had to make numerous sacrifices to align her name with those of famous models.


For her, ‘resilience’ means facing challenges and having the ability to adapt and learn from mistakes, ensuring constant strength. The fashion industry, particularly for models, is highly competitive, and rejection is a common occurrence. Not all opportunities lead to success. “I always apply positive thinking and refuse to admit defeat, continually striving to elevate my name on both the local and international scenes.”



Their stories emulate the latest collection of the Sublimic Fuente Forte line, which approaches the process of solving scalp problems in a resilient manner, ensuring that hair returns fresh, healthy, and vibrant.


To learn more about the new additions of the Sublimic Fuente Forte collection, visit Shiseido Professional’s website here!